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Hi, My name is Stevie Stevens.  I’m an installation artist who creates mosaic designs out of glass, stone, and unusual finds.  I use methods known for thousands of years, but also break the rules to create modern abstract designs. 

My works are functional as well as fine art.  I collaborate with clients to create exciting installations that include kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, wall art pieces, sculptures, and murals.  My process starts with a loose concept in sketch form and is intuitively expanded to the end project.  My designs are often graceful, flowing, and meditative and inspired by esoteric concepts.  Transformation is a recurring theme. 

All tiles are cut, nipped, or hammered to create one of kind design elements for the home, office, or public spaces.  My work can be incorporated as an accent to manufactured tile projects for a little WOW, or my work can be the entire installation for full scale WOW.

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